A Year in Food in 12 Parts: Part 1

Time to dust off the old blog I think. I’ve been unemployed for about a month now, save a few choice temping days. More or less, maybe less, feels like more. Instead of falling down the pits of despair as I am wont to do, let’s make this a cheery post! Starting with pictures of degustations of my own making, to sort of round up a year’s worth of baking/cooking/eating/gluttony:

My first cupcake attempt

Christmas 2009, I foolishly decided to make cupcakes as presents. Cue carrying 50 of them precariously in boxes on foot, bus to King’s Cross, train to York, car. Giving a clumsy oaf on the train the evils after he decided to slip, fall and land his hands right smack onto my box of delectables! A feat not to be repeated soon.

FYI, the recipe for these cupcakes came from the Hummingbird Bakery book, an impulse buy when my local Borders went bust (RIP). I only got it cos it was 40% off, and T__’s wild book-buying ways goaded me into following suit:

The Hummingbird Bakery Book

It’s just the sort of thing you get at the beginning of a year; thinking perhaps that you’ll turn into some fabulous Martha Stewart-type character and make a cutesy career wearing vintage-print aprons (don’t own one) churning out fabulous dainty pastel-coloured cupcakes for punters queueing round the block.

It was hard work if I’m honest, mostly because it’s so damned fiddly and I rounded up some ladyfriends to help decorate these mutha chocolate and lemon babies in return for coffee and … cupcakes, obviously.

Verdict? Hummingbird’s book has all the looks of a vacuous pretty blonde thing. So cute, but their recipes don’t seem to stand up to the punch. They make decent enough cupcakes, but as you’ll see from the next post, I’d have a better time searching for recipes on the Internet.


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