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A Year in Food in 12 Parts: Part 1

Time to dust off the old blog I think. I’ve been unemployed for about a month now, save a few choice temping days. More or less, maybe less, feels like more. Instead of falling down the pits of despair as … Continue reading

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What is mental health? A Googler’s attempt at cognisance

Ah, trusty Wikipedia. When you’re sitting in a comfy study room, in a world-famous (and unworldly expensive too) specialist university, trying desperately to write/research/be a useful intellectual member of academia, a world that I bought into to begin with, and … Continue reading

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We’re here to save the world! And wear nice suits in the process.

I didn’t come here already a self-professed cynic, but I am aware that anything I do isn’t going to result in the way things are done to change radically. Perhaps I’m just here to observe, impart whatever little use or … Continue reading

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The Rules of Pooing and Peeing

And with such a scintillating title who could resist? Currently the options are: – Pit latrine (a hole, preferably deep, with concrete on the top to disguise the fact that it’s just a big shithole. Popular in villages, local restaurants, … Continue reading

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Ugandan man sandwich

I better commit this to writing before I forget. I think this rather succinctly sums up what people groan about when they say “Africa” I’d proudly bought my Gaso bus ticket for Kampala – Kigali set to depart at 1am from the city … Continue reading

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A Novel costs two nights sleep

And so goes how I spend my days in Kampala, calculating the cost of everything with the view that my money has to last me until July at the very least. It has been T + 15 days since I … Continue reading

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